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Karauli Diagnostics offers facilities for a range of diagnostic tests across a spectrum of medical fields of pathology, cardiology, neurology and radiology. It is one of the biggest and technologically most advanced diagnostic centres in the city. Our vision is to provide the best and most advanced medical diagnostic services at affordable prices to the patients.Read More

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Laboratory tests are among the most important in modern medicine. Healthcare decisions are derived from clinical laboratory tests.

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Prevention is always better than cure. And to that effect, Karauli Diagnostics offers health care packages which will help you keep diseases and illnesses at bay. Whether you are a young under-30 individual or a woman in her 40’s wanting to keep her bones healthy or an over 60 individual, choose from among our packages to follow a scientific and disciplined health routine.

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Our outpatient services is the smooth patient flow from registration, examination, payment of prescribed medications, along with computer system.

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At Karauli, we believe in unveiling the inner health. Aligning with our vision, we built a comprehensive set of Health Trackers that help our customers analyse their risk factors, assess their health and take preventive action.

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Visitors are welcome during 4pm - 8pm - but please note that we have a compulsory rest period for all patients who have had major surgery

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No matter where you are located, we are just a call away! Understanding the special needs of our customers, we have home collection services as early as in 2000. We bring you access to world-class diagnostic facilities right at your doorstep.

Health Care Packages

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CBC+ESR, Urine R/M, Blood Group, FBS + PPBS, S. Calcium, ECG, PAP Smear, USG Abdomen & Pelvis, Mammography, Thyroid Profile.

CBC + ESR Urine R/M FBS + PPBS HBA 1 C Urine Microalbuminuria BUN S. Creatinine Lipid Profile ECG
CBC + ESR FBS + PPBS ECG Echocardiography CT Scan Coronary Angio Extended Lipid Profile Thyroid Profile Cardiologist’s Consultation
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