CT Scan


With state-of-the-art machinery featuring the latest technology, Karauli provides 24×7 MRI & CT Scan services. Patients can avail wheelchair assistance from our helpful & courteous staff, who are always on hand to cater to the needs of patients. Moreover, all diagnostic reports are checked by MD Doctors.

What should I expect after the CT scan is completed?

After the scan is finished, a radiologist will study your images and dictate the findings. Your physician will then review the report and discuss it with you. 

Is CT imaging safe?

CT scan is a safe imaging test. However, it exposes you to a small dose of radiation. For most people, such a small potential risk far outweighs the benefits, in terms of saving your life. 

List of CT Scans are available :

HRCT Temporal Bone is performed to evaluate the temporal bone and the surrounding soft tissues. The scan focuses on different views of the lower skull and may find out the extent of the disease and pathology.

Test Preparation

Male/Female: No Special Preparation (Patient/Relative Consent Required).

Reporting TAT: Same Day

CT KUB is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to create cross-sectional images of the Kidneys, Ureters & bladder (KUB). The scan detects the cause of pain in the abdomen and various disorders related to the urinary tract.

Test Preparation:

Male: No Special Preparation (Patient/Relative Consent Required).

Female: In the reproductive age group, LMP is required. 

Reporting TAT: Same Day*

Specialisation(s): Kidney Health