Kashi Ki Kalyani

Karauli Diagnostics takes initiative to keep women’s fit under campaign called “KASHI KI KALAYANI” as we say “Woh Fit hai ! toh hum sab Hit hain “.

Women represent the cornerstone of a family’s overall health. The health of families and communities are no doubt, tied to the health of women.
If we ensure, they have access to quality healthcare it directly improves the health of their children and family.
It is no secret women are leading busier lives than ever before and have a tendency to let themselves slip low on their priority lists.
This is our duty that we ensure women receive essential healthcare is important for a variety of reasons.
Having said that, women have a unique set of health care challenges and are at higher risk of developing certain conditions and diseases than men.
We, at Karauli Diagnostics believe, by promoting primary health care for women, we help promote the health and economic well- being of the population as a whole.

With this mission in mind , we have launched “Kaashi Ki Kalyaani “- “Woh Fit hai ! toh hum sab Hit hain “.

We will be pleased to have your support with us in this mission. Allow us for this opportunity to outspread preventive healthcare check-up as lifestyle habit. Will be pleased in conducting health sessions, free health check-up , self defence session , meditation session etc in your society premises.

Let’s join hands and work as one to optimally serve women of all ages and at all stages of life in having access to primary healthcare.

Date – Every Sunday
Time – 10:00 A.M Onwards
Venue: At Your Location
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